Soft foldable reusable CPR mask FS-104C

FIRSTAR FS-104C reusable CPR mask is designed to provide protected rescue breathing to the patients. People may also use it with a resuscitator. This CPR mask helps to protect the rescuers and patients in the emergency situations. Almost every first aid kit should prepare CPR masks.

reusable CPR mask

Other types of first aid CPR face masks like disposable item please visit company website to learn.

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Portable pocket CPR mask allow you to carry around

CPR mask is also known as rescue mask, it is a small device used for an barrier when giving CPR to a patient. Pocket CPR mask prevents infections between the rescuer and the victim.They are very common in any type of first aid kits.FS-103 porket kits allow you to bring it anytime anywhere.

Pocket CPR mask

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Quality infant CPR mask for sale

Infant CPR mask You must be very careful when choosing things for infant. Infant CPR mask is somehow different from those CPR masks for adults.It is just as effective as mouth-to-mouth. It is usually packed in almost every kind of the first aid kits. This device is not so important if you are trying to revive an intimate partner or a member of the immediate family.

Both adult and infant CPR mask can be found at ,only with big discounts.

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Have a first aid CPR mask in the first aid box

The rate of cardiac arrest is increasing day by day. It has been mandatory to know deeply about the cardiac arrests and its prevention like using first aid CPR mask. Many institutions are working today to make the people aware of about CPR and how to use CPR mask. It is undoubtedly vital for the risky people of cardiac arrest.

Getting a first aid CPR mask in the first aid box to save you or others’ life. Click to buy. first aid CPR mask

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Fashion keychain pocket cpr mask FS-104SE

pocket cpr mask A first aid kit must have a pocket cpr mask, FIRSTAR mask is packed in a small plastic box, you can link it to the keychain.

More other basic or advanced CPR product and first aid kit, welcome to to learn about.

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CPR mask kits are good for business promotion

Similar to first aid kits for first aid, CPR mask kits are for CPR.These two kits are all must in the emergencies.CPR means Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation.CPR mask kits are very important and essential while saving people’s life.CPR mask kitsWith sweet heart shape,FIRSTAR CPR mask kits CPR mask kits are very good choices for business companies to promote their products. You can customize your company logos and colors their.Visit to contact the supplier.

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CPR mask works in the first aid emergencies

You may have seen people giving CPR in the movies many times. Someone unfortunately goes into a cardiac arrest and a trained professional first responder or doctor or nurse comes with special tools and gadgets to save the victims life.That tool is CPR mask.

This is a mask used during giving CPR to a patient in the first aid emergencies.It can prevent any direct contacts between the patients and the rescuers Learn more things about CPR and CPR face mask from mask

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what is a CPR pocket mask

CPR pocket mask is a small pocket face mask which it is applied while giving CPR to a patient during first aid emergencies. CPR masks prevent any type of direct contact between patients and rescuers to avoid getting any disease. In an ideal situation, there should be two rescuers administering first aid using the CPR face mask.

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CPR pocket mask

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Learning CPR To Save life

CPR is short for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation, as you can see from its name, it is the resuscitation of the cardiopulmonary (heart and lung). Our whole body is a high-efficiency operation “machine”, the heart, the brain, the lung, the skin and so on work together to ensure a healthy life. Any part of your body getting hurt will effect other parts’ job. Resuscitation products are used during the CPR process.CPR maskFor some reasons, the heart may stop beating, and then the whole body will stop working, and then people die. The process is this:

  • 3 to 5 seconds after stop beating ,the patient get dizziness and amaurosis.
  • 5 to 10 seconds, lost conscious.
  • 10 to 15 seconds, generalized convulsions and incontinence.
  • 20 to 30 seconds, stop breathing, pale or cyanotic
  • 60 seconds, mydriasis happen
  • 4 to 5 minutes, have big affect on the whole body.

CPR is a first aid skill giving to the patients whose heart has been stop beating As you can see, every seconds of the CPR after the heart stop beating is cherish like golden. By giving CPR, the people’s life maybe saved. When doing CPR, do not forget to use a CPR mask to prevent direct mouth to mouth contact with the patient. CPR mask is a first aid supplies almost packaged in every first aid kit.

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Free CPR mask is sent out today on FIRSTAR

free CPR mask

In order to spread the idea of CPR and let people all around the world knowing about how to use the CPR mask, free CPR mask is sent out by FIRSTAR today. Quantity is limited, quality is really nic.

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